The Most Important Fluid: Engine Oil

The motor oil in your vehicle has one of the hardest jobs – it’s on the clock all the time and needs to perform its job perfectly to keep your vehicle running.First, this means keeping every moving part in your vehicle’s engine well-oiled and lubricated. Without the added lubrication provided by engine oil, the many parts in your engine would be constantly rubbing against each other. This would create so much friction and heat that parts would start braking down almost immediately as you drive your vehicle.But that’s not the only job for engine oil… it also helps to keep your engine cool. Running a vehicle is heated business, and your engine rapidly heats every time you drive. Engine oil is heated up and cooled down as your vehicle runs and it helps to regulate the temperature in the engine.Engine oil is also the cleaning crew for your engine. As it flows through the system, it cleans our small particles of soot and debris. These elements are so small, often microscopic, that you may n ... read more



Higher Octane, Higher Performance? Myth!

If you always use premium fuel, will your vehicle have better performance?We’ve heard this question a lot. On some level, the logic makes sense. Instinct tells us that “premium” relates to quality and better quality means better performance.But the rating of gasoline does not relate to the quality of the fuel.The numbers on the fuel pump are a gasoline’s octane rating. They indicate the amount of pressure the fuel can hold up to without causing problems in an engine.Most engines will compress fuel before burning it. The cylinders press the fuel until it is the right density, then a spark plug ignites to fuel to create the energy to run the vehicle.A gas octane rating of 85 can handle less pressure than 89 octane, which handles less than 91, etc.Some high performance vehicles have engines that compress the fuel further than a standard engine. In these high compression engines, it is very important that you use the correct fuel with the octane rating the engine calls for.But if your engi ... read more



Not Every Used Car is the Same

When buying a used car it is important to remember that not every car is equal. Aside from the obvious, even the same make and model of a car can have drastic differences in technology, reliability and safety ratings between different years of production. Even some typically reliable makes and models have certain years that auto mechanics would advise against because they have a history of expensive break downs.So what can you do to protect yourself from accidentally buying a notoriously unreliable vehicle?Do your research! There are many sites dedicated to educating potential buyers on specific cars. and are great places to start your used car buying search. The year, model, and features of a specific vehicle have the potential to drastically effect the value.Talk to reputable sources. You can jump online and find forums for most major c ... read more



Why Tread Matters

You’ve probably heard of the “penny test” to check tire tread – stick a penny into the tread of the tire to measure the amount of tread remaining – but why does tread matter?Grip the Road.First and foremost, the tread on the tire is what allows your vehicle to hold on to the road as you drive. Without tread, your vehicle would slide across the surface, especially in rain, snow, or icy conditions.Control and Steer.If your tire was completely smooth, you would have almost no control over how the vehicle moves across the road. If you’ve ever walked on an icy sidewalk with flat shoes, you know the feeling. You can try to walk in a straight line, but a slick patch or small gust of wind can push you off course. The same is true for your tires.Stop Quickly. When you need to stop your vehicle, you usually consider the brakes first. But tires play an important role in stopping your vehicle. When you apply the brakes, they stop the spinning of ... read more

Safe Driving for Halloween

Halloween is around the corner! While this means children and youth running around in costume and families enjoying fall weather, it also means more driving hazards on the roads in Corpus Christi.This season, make sure you keep you, your family, and your neighbors safe on the roads on Halloween. Here are our Halloween driving tips:SLOW DOWN! As excitement and sugar bubble in trick-or-treaters, the wild energy leads to running through the sidewalks (and sometimes streets) in neighborhoods. Children are unpredictable, especially with candy in their system, so slow down on the roads.Use your headlights. Even if there’s still light out in the evenings, your headlights can help parents and children see you on the roads. They won’t mistake your vehicle for a parked car, and parents can direct their children away from your vehicle.Carpool. If you’re taking children or youth to different neighborhoods and trick-or-treating hot spots this Hallo ... read more

Checklist for School Sports

Fall is here, which means school sports season has officially begun! Before you head out to the next game, whether it’s soccer, football, volleyball, cross country… make sure you’re prepared with the 6 items on our checklist:Cheer. Be ready to shout your support for your child and their team for the whole game! For the dedicated fans, make sure you have your pom-poms and motivational signs loaded in the car for the next game.Snacks. Save money by bringing your own snacks. A granola bar or bag of trail mix can fight hunger to keep you happy and energized through the game. Bring extras for the athlete!Umbrella. Especially if the field is outdoors, be prepared for changing weather. Keep an umbrella or poncho in the car for sudden rain storms, and check the weather report before you leave so you’re prepared.Water. Cheering on your school team is hard work! Bring a bottle or two to stay hydrated and avoid getting horse, and ... read more

4 Car Care Basics YOU Should be Doing

How many times do you walk outside, quickly unlock your door, sit down, start your car and proceed to drive without ever checking some basics on your car? I know, the car was absolutely fine when you parked it last night… or so you thought! Some issues, like an oil leak or a flat tire, can appear quickly and leave you stuck on the side of the road.What about when your car has been sitting for a week while on vacation? Have you done a quick safety check or do you once again jump right in without any regard to the condition of your vehicle?Get in the habit of checking these 4 basic things before starting your commute. This will not only help maintain your vehicle, protect your investment, and keep you safe, but a quick check can also preventsmall issues from causing bigger problems and expensive repairs.Test lamps and bulbs. A burntout bulb can get you pulled over and, depending on the officers mood, a costly ticket! Brake lights, headlights, parking li ... read more

Is Battery Corrosion Safe?

As temperatures rise in Corpus Christi, we’ve seen more and more customers coming in with failing batteries. One common culprit: Corrosion.Corrosion on your car battery can reflect normal wear and tear on your vehicle as the battery ages, but it can become worse with high temperatures in the summer months. And while it can be okay to see a small amount of corrosion at the terminal, large buildups can signal a problem.Causes of Battery CorrosionMost often, corrosion occurs on the battery terminals. The sulfuric compound inside car batteries emits hydrogen gas, which can be trapped under the hood and corrode the terminals.Small leaks or loose connections to lead to corrosion. If you notice a crack in the battery or acid leaking on the outside, you might have a serious problem. Bring your vehicle in right away for an inspection and to replace the battery.Symptoms and Warning SignsAs corrosion occurs, you’ll start to see white, green, or b ... read more



Oil leaks can mean Big Problems

The slippery puddle underneath your car means more than just a stain on your driveway. An oil leak can indicate a bigger issue, and left unattended can lead to serious problems for your engine.Engine oil is critical for the performance of your vehicle. As it moves through the engine, it keeps every moving part and component lubricated. Without the oil, friction and heat from these parts rubbing against each other cause premature wear and tear, corrosion, and damage to the engine components.At best, you’ll be left with a car that won’t run and a costly repair bill. At worst, you’ll need an engine rebuild or a new engine, or even face a totaled vehicle.Oil isn’t used up – it circulates through the engine, but it should never leave the engine, burn up, or evaporate. If you check your oil and find the level is low, you know you have a problem. Most likely, the oil is leaking from the engine.Bring your vehicle into a trusted and certified auto repair ... read more



Busting Gasoline Myths – What to do (and not do) to get the best Mileage

We’ve all heard tips and tricks to nudge up the miles per gallon we get from our vehicle – from miracle pills to drafting to car repair. But what advice actually helps, and what is just an urban myth?1. Gas additives and gadgets to boost fuel. Every so often, a slick company offers a “miracle solution” like a pill or additive to ramp up your miles per gallon. In reality, most of these tricks do NOTHING to improve your mileage, some even put your engine at risk.The most common one we see in our shop is Octane Boosters. The only way these chemical solutions work is if you’re putting in the wrong octane of gasoline to begin. Raising the octane with (potentially harmful) chemicals doesn’t improve your gas mileage. Plain and simple. Rather than choosing the cheapest gas and investing in expensive chemicals, save yourself the time, money, and risk – buy the right gasoline and avoid octane boosters.2. Leave your gas tank half full. The idea behind this practi ... read more


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