Higher Octane, Higher Performance? Myth!

If you always use premium fuel, will your vehicle have better performance?

We’ve heard this question a lot. On some level, the logic makes sense. Instinct tells us that “premium” relates to quality and better quality means better performance.

But the rating of gasoline does not relate to the quality of the fuel.

The numbers on the fuel pump are a gasoline’s octane rating. They indicate the amount of pressure the fuel can hold up to without causing problems in an engine.

Most engines will compress fuel before burning it. The cylinders press the fuel until it is the right density, then a spark plug ignites to fuel to create the energy to run the vehicle.

A gas octane rating of 85 can handle less pressure than 89 octane, which handles less than 91, etc.

Some high performance vehicles have engines that compress the fuel further than a standard engine. In these high compression engines, it is very important that you use the correct fuel with the octane rating the engine calls for.

But if your engine calls for standard gas and you choose premium? You won’t see any extra benefits.

Your best option is to always use the correct octane for your vehicle’s engine. Consult your owner’s manual if you’re not sure which fuel to use, or call our team at 361.444.1355 and we’ll help you find the answer.

Instead of spending more on premium fuel (unless your vehicle calls for it), get better performance by keeping up with the maintenance your vehicle needs. Don’t wait a few extra hundred or thousand miles between oil changes. Never ignore a warning light on the dashboard. Come in for an inspection at the first sign of a problem with your vehicle.

Our ASE-Certified technicians are committed to helping you get the most out of your vehicle. We’ll keep track of your maintenance schedule so you don’t have to, and we’ll help you know when it’s time for a needed service. You’ll get the best performance out of your vehicle with the peace of mind knowing it will keep you safe on the Texas roads.

To schedule your next appointment or find out the right octane for your vehicle’s engine, call our team at 361.444.1355 or stop by our shop at 5973 LaCosta in Corpus Christi.


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