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Why Tread Matters

You’ve probably heard of the “penny test” to check tire tread – stick a penny into the tread of the tire to measure the amount of tread remaining – but why does tread matter?Grip the Road.First and foremost, the tread on the tire is what allows your vehicle to hold on to the road as you drive. Without tread, your vehicle would slide across the surface, especially in rain, snow, or icy conditions.Control and Steer.If your tire was completely smooth, you would have almost no control over how the vehicle moves across the road. If you’ve ever walked on an icy sidewalk with flat shoes, you know the feeling. You can try to walk in a straight line, but a slick patch or small gust of wind can push you off course. The same is true for your tires.Stop Quickly. When you need to stop your vehicle, you usually consider the brakes first. But tires play an important role in stopping your vehicle. When you apply the brakes, they stop the spinning of ... read more

Safe Driving for Halloween

Halloween is around the corner! While this means children and youth running around in costume and families enjoying fall weather, it also means more driving hazards on the roads in Corpus Christi.This season, make sure you keep you, your family, and your neighbors safe on the roads on Halloween. Here are our Halloween driving tips:SLOW DOWN! As excitement and sugar bubble in trick-or-treaters, the wild energy leads to running through the sidewalks (and sometimes streets) in neighborhoods. Children are unpredictable, especially with candy in their system, so slow down on the roads.Use your headlights. Even if there’s still light out in the evenings, your headlights can help parents and children see you on the roads. They won’t mistake your vehicle for a parked car, and parents can direct their children away from your vehicle.Carpool. If you’re taking children or youth to different neighborhoods and trick-or-treating hot spots this Hallo ... read more

Checklist for School Sports

Fall is here, which means school sports season has officially begun! Before you head out to the next game, whether it’s soccer, football, volleyball, cross country… make sure you’re prepared with the 6 items on our checklist:Cheer. Be ready to shout your support for your child and their team for the whole game! For the dedicated fans, make sure you have your pom-poms and motivational signs loaded in the car for the next game.Snacks. Save money by bringing your own snacks. A granola bar or bag of trail mix can fight hunger to keep you happy and energized through the game. Bring extras for the athlete!Umbrella. Especially if the field is outdoors, be prepared for changing weather. Keep an umbrella or poncho in the car for sudden rain storms, and check the weather report before you leave so you’re prepared.Water. Cheering on your school team is hard work! Bring a bottle or two to stay hydrated and avoid getting horse, and ... read more

Seeing is Believing with a Corpus Christi Windshield Repair Shop

When it comes to your windshield, seeing is believing. Being able to see clearly through your windshield is a necessity while driving, not to mention the ticket you may receive by not keeping it clean enough!The first step to a clear windshield is proper wiper blades. These components should be replaced every 6 months or so. We’ve all been at the point where are wipers do more harm than good. Your local Corpus Christi Windshield Repaircan help you pick out the right kind for you.Next, you’ll want to make sure that you’re always trying to keep your glass clean. Remember, this is an ongoing project. It helps to stock up on windshield wiper fluid and de-icer so you’ll never run out. Having a squeegee or cloth on hand helps, too, just in case there’s something on your windshield that needs a bit more attention.Your local Corpus Christi Windshield Repair also recommends some rain repellant, which can significantly improve your ability to see on rainy days. It’s easy, cheap, and can make you ... read more

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