Why Tread Matters

You’ve probably heard of the “penny test” to check tire tread – stick a penny into the tread of the tire to measure the amount of tread remaining – but why does tread matter?

Grip the Road.

First and foremost, the tread on the tire is what allows your vehicle to hold on to the road as you drive. Without tread, your vehicle would slide across the surface, especially in rain, snow, or icy conditions.

Control and Steer.

If your tire was completely smooth, you would have almost no control over how the vehicle moves across the road. If you’ve ever walked on an icy sidewalk with flat shoes, you know the feeling. You can try to walk in a straight line, but a slick patch or small gust of wind can push you off course. The same is true for your tires.

Stop Quickly.

When you need to stop your vehicle, you usually consider the brakes first. But tires play an important role in stopping your vehicle. When you apply the brakes, they stop the spinning of your tire. Without tread, your tires could continue to slide across the road even after they stop spinning. Inadequate tread can double the distance it takes to stop your car’s motion, even more in slick conditions.

Prevent Flats.

The tread also helps to protect your tires from punctures and damage on the road. Small debris, rocks, or sharp objects can get caught in the tread instead of directly going into the wall of your tire.

Measure Wear.

As your tires age and travel across Corpus Christi, they are subject to normal wear and tear. Tire tread gives you a visible way to check the wear of your tires. When your tires become bald, with little or no tread remaining, it is time to replace your tires.

Stop by Dub’s Garage for a tire inspection, and stay safe all year in Corpus Christi. Our technicians will inspect your tires, review the results, and teach you the warning signs to watch for as your tires age. Give us a call to schedule your appointment: 361.444.1355

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