Air Conditioning Repair Corpus Christi

If your car's air conditioning can't keep up with the Texas heat, give our experts a call to have the system inspected and stay comfortable in your vehicle!

You notice it most in the summer months, when your car has been parked in the sun for a few hours. You open the door to the hot, muggy interior and immediately turn the air conditioning on full blast. But when it takes longer than it should to cool your car, you know you'll have a problem for the rest of the long, hot summer in Corpus Christi, Texas.

But if you bring your vehicle into Dub's Garage, our ASE Certified technicians will get your A/C working properly in no time!

Especially as the weather changes, problems in your vehicles heating and air conditioning systems may become apparent. An effective A/C system is necessary to keep you comfortable and cool driving in your vehicle, no matter what the weather conditions are like outside.

Not only is your vehicle's A/C important for your own comfort, it is necessary to dispel the heat and humidity inside your car. In order for cool and dry air to travel through your A/C system, all components including the belt, air compressor, and refrigerant must be operating properly.

Our team of expert technicians perform A/C service and repair to keep you and your vehicle comfortable. From refrigerant flushes to belt replacement and leak repair, the team at Dub's Garage can diagnose the problem affecting your vehicle air conditioning and repair it in one stop.

Call us to schedule your vehicle's A/C system inspection and repair before the heat strikes back.

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