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4 Car Care Basics YOU Should be Doing

How many times do you walk outside, quickly unlock your door, sit down, start your car and proceed to drive without ever checking some basics on your car? I know, the car was absolutely fine when you parked it last night… or so you thought! Some issues, like an oil leak or a flat tire, can appear quickly and leave you stuck on the side of the road.What about when your car has been sitting for a week while on vacation? Have you done a quick safety check or do you once again jump right in without any regard to the condition of your vehicle?Get in the habit of checking these 4 basic things before starting your commute. This will not only help maintain your vehicle, protect your investment, and keep you safe, but a quick check can also preventsmall issues from causing bigger problems and expensive repairs.Test lamps and bulbs. A burntout bulb can get you pulled over and, depending on the officers mood, a costly ticket! Brake lights, headlights, parking li ... read more

What Happens When You Don’t Have Enough Oil?

Doesn’t it seem like oil changes are always on your to-do list? What’s the big deal with getting it changed every 3000 miles? It may seem like you just changed your oil, and that 3000 miles isn’t nearly enough to warrant changing it again. The truth is that it really is. Oil is one of the most critical fluids in your automobile. The reason that it needs changing so frequently is because of the amount of work that it does, and because of how crucial clean oil is to engine life.Engines have dozens and dozens of moving metal parts, and oil provides a protective layer that significantly reduces friction and heat. When the oil level decreases, more pieces are rubbing together without that barrier of protection, much more heat is produced, and the metal in the engine can warp, or even melt.There are two main reasons that your oil level decreases and that you need to change it every 3000 miles. The first reason is because of leaks. Your engine is a complex collection of tubes and filters and ... read more

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