Safe Driving for Halloween

Halloween is around the corner! While this means children and youth running around in costume and families enjoying fall weather, it also means more driving hazards on the roads in Corpus Christi.

This season, make sure you keep you, your family, and your neighbors safe on the roads on Halloween. Here are our Halloween driving tips:

  1. SLOW DOWN! As excitement and sugar bubble in trick-or-treaters, the wild energy leads to running through the sidewalks (and sometimes streets) in neighborhoods. Children are unpredictable, especially with candy in their system, so slow down on the roads.
  2. Use your headlights. Even if there’s still light out in the evenings, your headlights can help parents and children see you on the roads. They won’t mistake your vehicle for a parked car, and parents can direct their children away from your vehicle.
  3. Carpool. If you’re taking children or youth to different neighborhoods and trick-or-treating hot spots this Halloween, try to carpool with your friends or neighbors when possible. Fewer cars on the road mean fewer opportunities for accidents.
  4. Safety Talk. This season is a great opportunity to remind kids of safety rules on the road. Look both ways before crossing the street. Find a friend and hold hands. Stay with your parents.
  5. Reflective Tape. If you’re a pedestrian, make sure cars can see you! Add some reflective tape or material to your costume to catch the headlights of passing cars.
  6. Flashlights. Help your kids see and be seen by carrying flashlights. For extra festivity, pass out glow sticks.
  7. Use Caution. Be extra diligent on the roads this season. Follow the same rules and courtesy you’d expect from the drivers and pedestrians if you were in the other position.

Keep our neighborhoods safe this Halloween by following these tips from Dub’s Garage. We hope you and your family have a fun and safe season in Corpus Christi!

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