Cooling System Flush – is it really necessary?

Overheating is the most common cause of vehicle breakdowns and internal engine damage. As the heat rises in the summer, our shop sees more and more people coming in after breakdowns due to cooling system failure. But there is an easy answer!A cooling system flush can keep your engine running smooth and cool even on the hottest days. Regularly changing your coolant, aka antifreeze, can prevent larger problems for your cooling system and engine and keep your family safe on the road!What is the Cooling System?The cooling system is responsible for keeping your vehicle’s engine from overheating. The engine runs best at a high temperature, so the cooling system helps it to heat up quickly then keep the engine at a regular, constant temperature without overheating as it runs. It accomplishes this by transferring heat into the air with the help of coolant, or antifreeze, and the other components of the cooling sy ... read more


Cooling System

Do I Really Need a Transmission Flush?

We’ve had many conversations with our customers here in Corpus Christi, TX – any time we recommend a transmission flush, our customers ask questions. So what is a transmission flush? Can’t you just top off the fluid? Is it really necessary?We understand your confusion – a transmission flush isn’t one of the aspects of preventative maintenance that usually come to mind. An oil change, new tires, wiper blades… but a transmission flush? Just like an oil change, your transmission needs regular maintenance to keep your car running smoothly.What is a flush? A transmission flush usually involves connecting your transmission to a professional grade machine to completely flush the transmission fluid out of your vehicle. Running solution through the lines until they come out clean, it then fills your system with new fluid.A transmission fluid change, on the other hand, simply drains the fluid with gravity. A change usually ... read more



Spring Fever!

You know that spring has arrived when flowers start to bloom and so do your allergies! This also means that it’s a good time to have your air filter replaced. Watch the video below to see how a dirty air system can be bad for your car and your health if not cleaned out regularly. Remember, from our quick and efficient oil changes to windshield repairs, our mechanics are always here to help with any of your auto repair needs. Stop by our shop in Corpus Christi, TX or give us a call at (361) 444-1355 to set up an appointment today! * Dub’s Garage is proud to partner with Monday Morning Mechanic to bring you helpful money saving tips like these to help you get more miles for your dollar!



Corpus Christi Car Repair Tips: 5 Ways to Stay Fit In Your Car

Long rides can sometimes make you feel bored and constricted…perhaps even lazy. However, even in the small constrain of your car seat, there’s plenty you can do to stay fit and healthy! This month, we’re shifting from auto repair tips to give you 5 simple exercises that you can do on those long car trips to keep you in shape!Squeeze, Hold, ReleaseWhen you squeeze and hold a muscle, it’s called an isometric contraction. Whatever a muscle’s job is, these exercises help tone and prepare them for that job. Simply squeeze or flex a muscle, hold it for 5 to 10 seconds, and release. Try this with your hands, biceps, or even your thighs.Relax!We all know how being stuck in rush hour can leave us feeling pretty tense. You can release tension in your shoulders with simple shrugs! Raise your shoulders up to your ears, hold it for 8 to 10 seconds, and repeat as many times as you need to feel relaxed! This will not only make your drive better, but also help you wind down from a long day at work.Toe ... read more


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Driving Straight

As a driver, you can’t predict what you’ll encounter on the roads in Corpus Christi. But with a wheel alignment, your tires will last longer, you’ll get better gas mileage, and you’ll have a safer drive.Suspension connects your vehicle to its wheels and provides an even, safe drive over uneven streets. Parts of your vehicle’s suspension can bend over time from collisions with curbs and potholes. When these parts alter shape, your wheels become misaligned and cause your car pull to either side. This also means your tires will wear quickly and unevenly.Camber is the angle of the wheel (measured in degrees) when viewed from the front side of the vehicle. When a pair of wheels has their leading edges pointed slightly towards each other, the wheel pair is considered to have a “toe-in” or a negative camber. If the top of the wheels are leaning out from the center of the car, then the camber is “toe-out” or positive. Extreme camber angles can wear out tires unevenly, reduce cornering performa ... read more


Tires and Wheels

Shocks and Suspension Systems

If it feels like you’re on a roller coaster when you’re driving on the road, your vehicle may need new suspension components to keep you comfortable and safe.The suspension components in your vehicle are designed for comfort, stability and performance depending on the weight of the vehicle. Remember that suspension components are different depending on the make and model. As these components wear, handling and response performance are reduced, meaning your car won’t be able to change directions as quickly, and the driver will require more time to react to unexpected road obstructions.Most vehicles have shocks that compress when going over bumps to absorb the jolt, but as shocks age, their ability to effectively cushion these jolts decreases. This makes any drive around town a rough and bumpy one. Replacing worn shocks allows your vehicle to have the performance it had when you drove it off the lot.Bushings are another important component to your suspension system. Bushings cushion the ... read more


Shocks & Struts

How to Use Jumper Cables

Any mechanic in the Corpus Christi area will recommend having a pair of jumper cables handy just in case something goes wrong—like leaving your lights on or not shutting your car door all the way. Mistakes happen! It’s best to be prepared. Check out this clip explaining exactly how to use a pair of jumper cables safely and effectively



Winter Maintenance

For the best results for your vehicle, we recommend going to an “auto repair shop in Corpus Christi to have maintenance performed on your vehicle every 3 months, there’s lots of easy, minor maintenance items you can you can take care of yourself in between visits.We’ve broken this short checklist that allows you to inspect something minor on your car every morning before leave for work, home, school, or anywhere else. So while you’re enjoying your morning coffee or perhaps right before you take off for work, look at these items:Monday Morning: Tire PressureWhen your tires have correct tire pressure, you’ll have better fuel economy AND your tires will be able to hold to the road that much better. Consult your owner’s manual for what your pressure should be and purchase a tire pressure gauge (they’ll cost you around $3-$4). Before leaving, check all 4 tires to ensure they have proper air. If any of them are low, stop by a gas station air pump to fill up your tires.Tuesday Morning: Wiper ... read more

Installing a Car Seat

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that as many as 75% of car seats aren’t installed correctly! Most Auto Repair shops in Corpus Christi won’t check your car seat in an average inspection, so take a quick look at this video with some tips for keeping your young ones safe in your vehicle: Watch the latest video at



Retaining Your Vehicle’s Resale Value

When you sign those papers to get your vehicle, you’ve purchased an investment. You should be proud of this investment, and take care of it as it was most likely very expensive. However, it should also be in the back of your mind that you are probably not going to drive this car for the rest of your life. That said, it’s important for you to retain your vehicle’s resale value so when you do trade it in, you’ll get the most out of it. Here are a few tips from your local Corpus Christi Mechanic on retaining resale value:Keep it Clean!People associate cleanliness with care, especially when looking for a new vehicle. The more you keep up with your vehicle’s cleanliness—i.e. trash, windows, vacuuming—the more you’ll receive when either selling or trading in your vehicle. Your local Corpus Christi Auto Repair shop also suggests taking your vehicle through the car wash every two weeks!DON’T Customize Your Ride!Yeah, it can be tempting to make your vehicle more “you,” but if you truly want the ... read more


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