What Can Cause an Oil Filter Leak?

Whether it's a few drops or a large puddle, an oil leak can indicate a major problem. Ignoring a leak can lead to expensive engine damage down the road.

Figure out the problem by investigating these three common issues –

1. Plug or Cap Leakage

The cap is the best place to check for leaks. Found on the top of the engine, it's visibly marked with an oil can icon. If the plug wasn't fastened securely, you'll notice a visible oil leak and can easily identify the problem.

The plug is next and is found underneath the engine on the oil pan, so unless you have a jack to raise the car, it will be difficult to check. If you suspect this is the problem, look for tell-tale oil spots underneath your car.

2. Seal and Gasket Leaks

Gaps can occur between engine parts when they're not correctly bolted together. The seals and gaskets used to fill those spaces can wear away with time and should be checked regularly.

Many drivers will take the DIY approach and add chemicals to expand the seals to prevent oil leakage, but it isn't recommended. It's a short-term solution that creates a long-term problem because the chemicals eventually over-expand and soften the seals until they're damaged beyond repair.

3. Oil Filter Issues

A common culprit of seal and gasket leaks is the double gasket which occurs when an old filter gasket gets stuck to the engine after being replaced by a new filter. Filter replacement might sound like a job you can handle at home, but there are a few things that can go wrong.

An over-tightened filter will create pressure and damage the gasket between the engine and the filter adapter, creating tears and causing leakages. While an under-tightened filter will become looser in time through engine vibrations.

The best way to avoid costly repairs and lengthen the health of your engine is to schedule regular oil changes and leave the repairs to the professionals.

Need your oil filter replaced? Bring your vehicle into our auto repair shop today.

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