What Are the Signs of a Car Battery Leak?

A leaking or corroded battery can put you in a dangerous situation and cost you time and money. So to avoid having this happen to your battery, you should regularly monitor and test your vehicle battery.


Various chemical reactions take place within the battery to power your vehicle. If you notice your car battery leaking acid, you should address the problem as soon as possible. While batteries can leak due to time/age, other things can impact battery life as well:

  1. Using an old car battery
  2. Overcharging the car battery
  3. Freezing cold weather
  4. Physical damages to the car battery

If you don’t take the initiative to fix your leaking batteries, it can be a significant problem down the line. 

Signs Your Car Battery Might Be Leaking

  • A Rotten Smell Comes Out Of The Battery
  • Corrosion Around The Battery Terminal Cabs
  • The Battery’s Casing Looks Bloated, Swollen, or Warped
  • The Battery is Sweating or Wet

Driving with a leaking battery is considered dangerous because the car battery acid is sulfuric acid, which can harm your health and the environment. Also, it will be pretty soon before your car can not start at all.

Battery Maintenance and Repairs in Corpus Christi, TX

Because batteries are prone to weaken over time, you should regularly inspect your car battery for signs of leaks. In most cases, you should replace a leaking battery so that it doesn't cause you any trouble in the long run. 


If you have concerns or questions you'd like to address regarding your vehicle's battery, we welcome you to Dub's Garage today. Our auto repair shop is the top choice for all automotive maintenance and repairs.

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