Transmission Repair Corpus Christi: See a transmission specialist

Many car owners are experts at minor car maintenance—changing tires, oil, and even various fluids. But many times, looking out for your transmission goes overlooked. While it is always recommended you let a trustworthy mechanic at your local transmission repair Corpus Christi center look over your car for scheduled maintenance, here are a few things to look for if you’re suspicious of your transmission failing:

Transmission issues happen to the best of us—let’s say after a long day’s work, you notice a small stream of liquid coming from underneath your car, right where the engine is. This is a classic sign of transmission damage—as well as grinding, shaking, or humming—and its presence should send you to straight to your reliable transmission repair Corpus Christi center to get looked at.

It’s important to know that a multitude of reasons could be the cause of your leaky transmission. At its base, transmission troubles stem from overheating. Rocking in the snow, towing a heavy trailer, continuous starts and stops in heavy traffic and even just having a hefty load aboard could be the cause of transmission problems. The higher the temperature in your engine, the faster your transmission fluid burns. This results in the transmission fluid losing its lubricating qualities, causing the metal parts in your transmission to warp and lose their strength. All of these things lead to transmission failure, sooner or later.

Many transmission problems stem from inexperienced technicians who are only looking for their next paycheck. This is why it’s important to take your car in to your local ASE-certified transmission repair center at the first sign of transmission failure. This certification means that the mechanics working on your vehicle are up-to-date on the latest in auto safety and are focused on quality when it comes to your vehicle. Not only that, but technicians must re-take the certification test every five years, just to stay current on the latest repair skills! Even if you aren’t having any transmission issues, it’s always a good idea to get your vehicle looked at by professionals. Even the smallest of issues could create the biggest of headaches down the road. So save money, time, and prolong the life of your vehicle by heading in to your trusted transmission repair Corpus Christi center!


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