Transmission Fluid Maintenance

A leaky transmission is not something that car owners should take lightly. Transmission fluid provides necessary smooth and cooling properties for the functioning of transmission parts. If the fluid is nearing empty or the liquid itself is in terrible condition, it will lead to major transmission problems down the line. Likewise, transmission repairs, rebuilds, and replacements are not easy or cheap. We always recommend that it's best to care for minor issues like leaks before they develop into huge concerns.


Self Maintenance

You can monitor the amount and quality of the transmission fluid at home. There is a dipstick designated for your transmission fluid in most vehicles. You can use this period to ensure the liquid is at a sufficient level, just like you would with your engine oil. You should also note what the fluid looks like in the reservoir. If the solution seems dark, nasty, old, or has a burned smell, it may be because you need a fluid change. Some people like to do their fluid changes themselves. While transmission fluid changes are doable at home, it generally requires an experienced set of hands to get the job done well. There are also various types of transmission fluid for different kinds of transmissions, so please read your manual to ensure you have the right kind. You should not add any liquid to your vehicle until you have verified that it's suitable for your car's make and model.


If you catch a fluid leak under your car and are unsure what type of liquid it could be, please do not hesitate to swing by our auto repair shop in Corpus Christi, TX. Our experienced technicians can diagnose and repair your vehicle without a problem. You can call Dub's Garage at (361) 336-2937 or request an appointment today!

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