Top Tips for Driving in Heavy Rain

Driving in hazardous weather conditions, such as heavy or torrential rain, poses various dangers. Use these top four tips to help you drive safely in the rain.

What Are the Dangers of Driving in Heavy Rain?

Driving in heavy rain poses many dangers, such as:

  • Slippery roads
  • A blurred windshield
  • Water-logged roads
  • Care-free drivers
  • Cold weather
  • Invisible road signs

Tips to Help You Travel Safely in the Rain

1. Increase Your Visibility

You need to make sure you can see out of all your car's windows. Before you leave, you need to ensure your windshield wipers are functioning correctly and adjust their speed if needed. To maintain a clear view, use your front and rear defrost to prevent the windows from fogging. You also need to keep track of the traffic around you.

2. Make Sure You Can be Seen

Visibility is a major problem when it's raining, and even more so during heavy rainfall. Increase your visibility to other drivers by turning on your headlights. Don't rely on automatic daytime running lights because they don't always turn on the vehicle's taillights. If your vehicle is equipped with fog lights, use them. Fog lights help increase your visibility during the day and night. It's also a good idea to turn on your hazard lights to increase your visibility during heavy rainfall.

3. Maintain a Safe Speed

Rainfall makes the roads extra slippery. Due to this factor, you need to maintain a safe speed, which can sometimes mean driving below the speed limit to keep you, your passengers, and other drivers safe. If you have the traction feature on your car, use it while driving to and from your destinations to help your car stay steady on the road.

4. Give Yourself and Others Space

Leaving enough space between you and other vehicles is imperative for the safety of you and other drivers. While dry conditions call for at least a two-second spacing, harsh weather conditions call for at least a five-second spacing. You also need to be cautious of the cars around you. Leaving ample space between you and other cars during heavy rainfall is necessary in case a care-free driver enters your lane of traffic unexpectedly.

You can't control the weather, but you can be prepared. Following these simple safety tips will help keep you and your passengers safe while traveling during heavy rains.

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