Tips for Washing Your Car

Spring Clean the Exterior of Your Vehicle

Taking care of the exterior of your investment makes a lot of sense, beyond taking pride in your ride. National Car Care Month is a good reminder of something you can do regularly to maintain your vehicle and keep it looking sharp – wash your car! While frequent washing is the best way to keep your vehicle looking new, you want to be careful to perform your wash correctly so you don’t damage your paint by accident.

A weekly car wash is best to keep your paint in great condition. Tree sap, acidic rain, bird droppings, dead bugs, and other debris picked up on the roads around Corpus Christi will leach acids that are damaging to the finish of your vehicle. If left too long, some damage could require sanding and polishing, or even repainting.

Try to wash your vehicle when it is not terribly hot or in direct sun to prevent water and soap spots. You are trying to get it clean, not create more work! Start with a basic exterior wash to remove loose contaminants, such as mud, dirt, and dust.

We recommend using car wash soap. Using other detergents like dish soap can damage your paint and remove wax that is protecting your paint. Use a soft sponge or lamb wool mitt to apply your suds to your vehicle to prevent scratching.

If you run across road tar, defer to a bug and tar remover to prevent smearing and ruining your sponge. A separate sponge is needed for wheels and tires, as brake dust and wheel grime can contaminate your sponge and damage your paint. A spray on wheel cleaner or car wash soap will get the bling back in your wheels in no time.

Make sure you move your sponge in lines, rather than circles, and if you happen to drop it on the ground, rinse it before putting it on your car or in your wash bucket. The sponge may have picked up rocks and debris that will can scratch your finish.

When you are ready to dry off your vehicle, do not use rough textured towels as they will scratch your paint surface. Leaving your vehicle to air dry or waiting too long will result in water spots that are damaging and difficult to remove. Using soft terry cloth or microfiber towel or a chamois to remove water will get you the best results.

It may take some time to maintain the appearance of your vehicle, but it is well worth the effort! A clean vehicle will help you protect your investment in your vehicle by preventing damage to the body and exterior of the car.

If you have questions about care of your vehicle’s paint, exterior, or any other aspect, our team at Dub’s Garage is always willing to educate and make recommendations for you. Call our Corpus Christi auto repair shop at 361.444.1355.


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