Timing Belt Maintenance

When it comes to the way your engine runs, timing is everything. When you start your car, dozens upon dozens of moving and spinning parts all work together so when you press the gas pedal, your wheels turn. And it’s all thanks to the timing belt.

Often overlooked during maintenance, the timing belt is crucial to allowing your car to work. In fact, if it’s broken, it won’t be able to run at all. If for some reason it breaks when you’re on the road, best case scenario you’re calling a tow truck and having your timing belt replaced. However, the more likely situation is internal engine damage, which will lead to an engine re-build or replacement.

All of this can be avoided, though, by having a relatively inexpensive timing belt replacement at the manufacturer’s recommended mileage interval at a Corpus Christi Car Repair.

The function of the timing belt is to transfer the rotation created by the crankshaft (which is connected to the pistons) to the camshaft (which is responsible for opening the valves). These valves need to open and close at exactly the right time to allow the engine to run properly.

The timing belt normally should be changed every 60,000-90-000 miles, though you should consult an ASE-Certified technician at your local Corpus Christi Car Repair for your specific vehicle.

Many times the timing belt is overlooked because it’s often not visible when looking under the hood. But next time you take your vehicle in for maintenance, have your Corpus Christi Car Repair shop check on your timing belt to ensure you won’t be stuck on the side of the road.


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