The Importance of Regular Vehicle Maintenance

As vehicle owners, we often don’t think of preventing a problem from happening with our vehicle - we just fix it once it occurs. However, with good vehicle maintenance, you can prevent these unexpected issues from happening in the first place, which can save you both time and money on major repairs. 

Regular vehicle maintenance is the key to preventing major issues that need in-depth repairs, such as engine trouble. When your vehicle is serviced here at our shop, we can take care of any small services that are needed and be able to perform a vehicle inspection to catch any potential issues early on. The sooner you take care of a needed repair, the less money you’ll spend fixing the issue if it starts to affect other components as well. 

Just like you may choose healthier foods to prevent things like heart disease in the future, making good choices for your vehicle can help you ensure reliable transportation for years to come. We know that there can also be some uncertainty when it comes to actually trusting a repair shop to perform maintenance, only because you are worried that they may recommend something that your vehicle doesn’t actually need. 

Well here at Dub’s Garage, we build trust with our customers and only ever recommend a service or repair that we feel is vital to the overall safety and integrity of your vehicle. We also know that budgets can be tight, so we work with you to design a maintenance schedule that you can afford and that you have time to budget for so that your vehicle’s services aren’t breaking the bank. 

If you’ve ever been stranded on the side of the road, you know that it is a very stressful situation. When you take care of your vehicle, you can help prevent these types of situations from happening. Think of your vehicle as an investment, and to protect that investment, you need to take good care of it. 

A regular vehicle inspection here at Dub’s Garage is the best way to understand your vehicle and what it needs. We recommend an inspection during each oil change, or at least twice a year. This doesn’t mean you’ll need additional services every visit, but it will help us to be able to catch any problems as early as possible. Important safety and operational systems will be inspected such as the engine, brakes, air filters, tires, belts, hoses, and more. 

If it has been a while since your last vehicle inspection, we invite you into Dub’s Garage for a professional vehicle check. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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