Symptoms of a Failing Water Pump in Your Car

A water pump is a vastly important part of your car and if any damages occur to it, it is detrimental that your car is brought in to an expert and looked at. Since the water pump maintains coolant flow, your car is sure to maintain an operating temperature. Here are some warning signs that your water pump may be damaged so that you may know in the future when to repair it

Coolant Leak

Whenever a gasket inside your water pump wears out and cracks, coolant liquid will leak from your car. In order to spot this leak, it will usually look lime-green or orange depending on your car's coolant. It is important to take your car for a check-up when noticing this issue.

Whining Sounds

If you hear high-pitched noises coming from your motor, this is a sound that your water pump is almost broken and as a result, a loose belt in the gasket is circulating and making a buzzing sound. If the bearings inside the water pump become completely damaged, the water pump cannot be repaired and must be fully taken out and replaced with another. In order to prevent this from occurring, you should take your car for a check-up to analyze the water pump.

Over-heating Engine

If your water pump has failed, you will notice mass overheating issues coming from your engine. This issue arises from the water pumps' inability to circulate the coolant properly. The best course of action to take is to replace the coolant and check for a leak while you're at it. If the heating becomes too strong, it can possibly lead to more damages to the mechanics of your car, including cracked cylinder heads, damaged gaskets, or burnt pistons.


If you see that steam is rising from the motor of your car, it is a sign of an overheated engine that has occurred from the failure of a water pump. It is very important to stop as soon as you see this steam and call a mechanic to arrive at your car to fix the issue. You may also call a tow truck to take your car to a place where either you or a mechanic may fix the issue.

If you notice any of the above issues in your car and fear you may have a problem with the water pump, feel free to come anytime to our repair shop so that we may take a look.

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