Is Your car Causing a Ruckus?

Have you ever been driving your car, turned a corner and heard a horrible squealing sound? You start to freak out and get upset because you know you are going to have to bring your car into the shop. Well, here are a few diagnoses for some of the sounds you might hear from your car.

A high-pitched, piercing metallic screech is usually a sign that brake maintenance is required. Brake pads have wear indicators that alert the driver to problems. If you suspect you need brake repair in Corpus Christi, be sure to visit an ASE certified technician .

A high-pitched metallic tapping sound is often related to engine speed. First check your vehicle’s manual for octane rating, because it could be caused by fuel with a lower octane rating than recommended. Engine ignition timing may be the problem if it doesn’t stop.

Loose or worn power steering, fan or air conditioning belts will cause a shrill, sharp squeal.

A clicking sound can be related to a loose wheel cover or fan blade.

A low-pitched rhythmic rumble could be the result of a few things: A defective exhaust pipe, converter or muffler, a worn universal joint or some other drive-line component.

If any of these sounds are familiar to you or you are worried that something might be amiss with your vehicle, be sure to bring it in to a trusted automotive repair shop with ASE certified technicians.


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