Is it Safe to Drive When your Car is Shaking?

A excessively shaking or vibrating car can be annoying and uncomfortable at times on the road. You may find that it only happens over certain speeds, or that it starts occurring all the time. If you're feeling your vehicle vibrate or shake excessively, don't ignore it. Understanding that an abnormal symptom is an indication of a problem can help you take better care of your vehicle and ensure your safety on the road. So, if you are feeling a vibrating or shaking sensation while driving, is it safe to drive your car? 

Unfortunately, it is difficult to say whether or not your vehicle is safe without understanding the true cause of the issue. This is why is it so important to have your car inspected here at Dub's Garage at the first sign of trouble. The reason is, some causes may not be as vital to your safety as others. However, a problem with your vehicle's brakes is something that you would want to get taken care of quickly. Let's look at some of the potential causes and how serious they are. 

The most common reasons for a shaky car include: 

  • Lack of fuel - running low on gas or there is an issue with your fuel injectors or fuel system
  • No spark - need to replace your spark plugs
  • Worn out parts such as the driveshaft or CV joints
  • Warped brake rotors - if you're experiencing the shaking while applying the brakes
  • Alignment problem
  • Need to replace wheel bearings
  • Worn out ball joints
  • Tires are out of balance, are worn down unevenly, or need to be replaced

These are just some of the reasons why you might find yourself with a shaky car. As you can see, there are many different potential causes all ranging in severity, so the best thing to do if you're experiencing a shaky drive is to bring your vehicle into Dub's Garage for an inspection! 

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