Indications of an Overheated Car

If you haven’t experienced an overheated car, then chances are you’ve seen one on the side of the road. It’s an elaborate scene—a car pulled off to the side, the hood propped up with smoke leaching from the engine, and a distressed car owner standing by waiting for a tow truck.

Simply put, overheating can claim any victim, any time of day if you’re not too careful! Here are some warning signs of your car’s overheating from your local Corpus Christi Wheel Alignment shop:


Your dash has a couple of indicators that tell you when your engine is close to overheating. The first one is the temperature gauge. One end is typically marked “C” for cold and “H” for hot. When your engine begins to overheat, the needle on the gauge will go toward the “H” side. The other indicator is a dashboard light that illuminates when the car overheats, and usually looks like a thermometer. If either of these situations pops up, be sure to pull over and let your car rest until you can get to a local Corpus Christi Windshield Repair shop right away!

Steam and/or Smoke

When your car overheats, one indicator is the presence of steam and/or smoke. This is caused by an anti-freeze leak. Your cooling system is a closed circuit loop system that is closed off from everything else. When there’s a leak, the coolant will hit the hot parts of the engine and evaporate. Note that low coolant is a cause for overheating and you should get to a local Corpus Christi Air Conditioning shop right away!

Cold Heater Air

If your air conditioning is on and it starts blowing warm air, this is a sign that your engine is overheating! This means your engine is low on coolant and needs to be topped off at a local Corpus Christi Auto Repair right away!

Coolant Puddles

You’ll find these in your usual parking spot, whether at home or at work. Coolant is typically yellow, so if you see one of these puddles, you could be dangerously low on coolant! An overheated engine is next! Stop by a local Corpus Christi TX Auto Repair to get it fixed ASAP!

If your vehicle has been showing any of these signs, it’s high time to get it checked at a local Corpus Christi Brake Repair like Dub’s Garage! Stop by or call (361) 444-1355 to set up an appointment today!


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