How to Relax on Your Daily Commute

Commuting is a daily practice for almost all Americans. According to the US Department of Transportation, there are more than 290 million registered drivers in the US. With so many people out on the road every day, especially in the early mornings, it can be incredibly stressful to get to work or school. We are here to tell you; it doesn't have to be at all. Here are some of our tips to calm your nerves and chill out behind the wheel.


Manage Your Time Wisely

Get what you need to get done in advance. See what you can get done the night before, like packing lunch, taking out the trash, picking out your outfit, or presetting your coffee maker, so you don't spend your morning scrambling with multiple tasks. You will feel more peaceful once you've crossed those items off your checklist.


Change Your Hours

Depending on your profession, this might be a toughy. However, flexible work hours are becoming more common, especially since 2020. You can ask your employer to accommodate a more flexible schedule. You might be surprised by their answer. 


Listen to Relaxing Music.

Listening to chill music can make your commute much more enjoyable. From Lofi to Chill Rap, there are endless options out there to choose from. Consider classical music, as studies show that it is proven to lower your blood pressure and anxiety. 


Play Podcasts or Audiobooks

Is there a book you've been putting off? Or a topic you want to learn more about? Audiobooks and podcasts are a great way to pass the time in traffic. Use your commute as a time for self-improvement. 


Keep Your Phone Away 

As you know, most states have laws enforced to restrict texting and driving and phone calls. Many vehicle-related accidents and deaths result from distractions from your phone. It is best to put your phone on "Do Not Disturb" as soon as you get behind the wheel. 


We hope these tips help relieve the pain of sitting in traffic. If you require any auto repair or maintenance service, give us a call or visit Dub's Garage.


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