How to Drive & Park Safely on Black Friday

Now that it's November, we have Thanksgiving and (of course) Black Friday to look forward to. While Black Friday shopping can be chaotic with the crazy traffic and antsy shoppers, it's a great way to get your holiday shopping out of the way. And you'll be getting great deals too! If you plan on participating in the shopping event this year, you should start thinking about an efficient plan of action. We've put together some tips and tricks to do beforehand.


Figure Out Which Stores You Need to Go To And What You Need to Buy

You should know better than to go into Black Friday without any idea of what you will buy. This lack of thought will lead you to make impulse buys, which will result in you making returns/exchanges later on. Instead, you should research the deals and determine which stores you need to run to before getting in the car. There are various apps and sites that will announce the special doorbusters in advance.


Minimize Distraction While Driving

When traffic is heavy, and people are in a hurry to find an unoccupied parking spot, accidents are prone to happen. Please make sure both your hands are on the wheel and not elsewhere like your phone, a coffee, or radio. And to be safe, please do your best to keep yourself spaced out from the car in front of you. Lastly, don't forget to use your turn signal to alert others of your actions.


Parking, Parking, Parking

Approximately 1/3 of vehicle accidents take place in a parking lot on Black Friday. Parking is probably the biggest inconvenience of Black Friday. You might see people fighting over parking spots. Here are some tips to consider when parking:

  • Back out slowly and carefully out of your spot when you leave.
  • Yield for pedestrians, and watch out for children.
  • Park further away from the entrance. It may be a long walk to get to and from the store's door, but the further out you park, the less traffic there will be.
  • Try to find a pull-through spot if possible.

With so many people out and about on Black Friday, you may run into some inconveniences. Just remember to take a deep breath and remain calm cause it will all be okay at the end of the day. 


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