How To Clear Foggy Windows When It Is Humid

A car with foggy windows may not seem like a major problem, but it can certainly make it harder to see. No matter what type of climate you live in, you've probably experienced this before. Here's how to deal with this problem this spring and summer!


Foggy windows occur due as a result of a shift in temperature and/or the air's moisture content. Unlike foggy windows caused by cold weather, fogginess from humidity forms on the outside of your windows and windshield. Fortunately, these are simple fixes.

  • Turn on your windshield wipers. First, you can turn on your wipers and have them wipe away the condensation. That should give you immediate results. However, your windows and mirrors can still be foggy.
  • Lower your A/C. Increasing the temperature in your car will help offset the temperature difference between the inside and outside air. 
  • Turn off recirculating air feature. Having this off will help correct the problem, as it pulls the air from the outside.

Knowing how to fix the problem of foggy windows will make you a safer driver in humid conditions. Poor visibility from cloudy windows is just one of the many weather-related problems drivers need to know how to handle. 


You're going to need a working HVAC system and functional windshield wipers to be able to cure problems like the ones mentioned above. If you need those areas checked for the springtime, please feel free to bring your car to Dub's Garage.


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