How Do Audi Models Work?

Audi is a very popular and respected name in the car industry. It has decades of experience in making vehicles that are sporty and elegant. If you have ever looked at one, you probably spotted a variety of number and letter combinations for its model. Here we will take a closer look and explain the models, so you know the differences between them.

A/S/RS Models

The A/S/RS models can be sedans, coupes, hatchbacks, and wagons, depending on the trim and year. Let's start with the A-class vehicles. These are the entry-level Audi and the least expensive - offering a wide variety of submodels like the A4 and A3. Next is the S line, which is more luxurious and powerful. These models are perfect for traveling far, especially the S6 and S8 - being the biggest and most expensive in the lineup. The RS badge is very special because it offers everything Audi stands for. It's very sporty and powerful but at the same time lavish and comfortable. Again as with the ones before, it has a few submodels starting from the RS3 and going up to the beautiful RS8.

Q/SQ Models

When talking about SUVs in the Audi family, we will be taking a look at the Q and SQ models. The lower tier is the Q, but that doesn't mean it lacks anything you might need. Submodels vary from the smaller Q3 to the big and luxurious Q8. And the same goes for the SQ, but with a lot more features and power under the hood. Both offer an excellent driving and passenger experience with enough storage for grocery shopping or camping.


If you are looking for a sporty-looking and fast car, the TT/TTS/TTRS and the legendary R8. We will look at the first three. They share the same chassis, but just like all other Audi models, the S and RS after the model stands for extra power and luxury - RS offering the most. The R8 is in a class of its own, to be exact. It's Audi's attempt at a supercar, and it most certainly delivers. There are two options, the normal R8 Coupe and the Spyder - meaning it's a convertible. Both have a shape and sound that can't be mistaken and are a trademark of Audi.

Quattro And E-Tron Badge

The Quattro and e-tron badges can be spotted at the end of a lot of Audi models. Here is what they mean.
Quattro stands for the all-wheel drive system made by Audi, which some say is the best in the car industry. This system does everything on its own, distributing the exact amount of power and torque needed. If you are looking for safety and stability on the road, Quattro is the way to go.
E-Tron is the electric division of Audi. You can spot it at the end of the model, meaning it is fully electric or hybrid. While they are newer in the EV industry, reliability and quality are still present.

To summarize, Audi offers a very wide variety of options, which are reliable, luxurious, and modern. There are models for everything a car owner might have, from SUVs to supercar coupes. Keep in mind that this is a simple explanation of the basics and that there are a lot more submodels and trims to choose from.

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