How Can I Best Maintain My Tires?

Your vehicle's tires are super important to your safety. Think about it - they are the only component between you and the road, and they help control your vehicle based on your steering. They make traction with the road so that you can properly handle your car and guide it to go where you need it to. 

Due to the fact that they are so important to your vehicle's overall handling ability and safety, taking good care of them is critical to your vehicle's health. Many drivers may think that their tires don't need servicing, but the truth is, good tire maintenance is key to a lasting vehicle and saving you money over time. 

So, how can you best maintain your tires? Here are some of our tire maintenance tips that will keep your tires in excellent condition over the years: 

Have regular tire rotations

Tire rotations are a service that is very beneficial to the overall health of your tires. On a standard vehicle, the front position of tires may ensure more pressure and wear than the back tires. Due to this fact, rotating the tires regularly helps ensure that all 4 tires wear down evenly so that you can replace them altogether. Without rotating, you'll find that you need to replace one or two tires more often than the others, which can add up in costs over time. 

Have your tires balanced at every oil changes

Tire balancing is another service that helps to make sure that your tires wear down evenly. If they aren't balanced, more weight can be put on one side of your vehicle, which can cause the tires on that side to wear down faster than the others. Similar to the service above, you want your tires to wear down as evenly as possible so that you can replace them as a set. 

Check your wheel alignment often

Many drivers don't realize this, but a bad wheel alignment can actually cause significant wear to your tires over time. If you notice that your vehicle pulls to one side while traveling straight, chances are you are due for a wheel alignment. 

Check the tire pressure at least once a month

Tire pressure is another importance when it comes to tire safety. Tire blowouts are often caused by driving with low tire pressure, and this can be a scary situation if it happens on a highway or freeway. Driving with low-pressure tires can also cause damage to the tires and decrease your vehicle's fuel efficiency. Checking this once a month with save you the trouble of tire issues on the road.

Test the tread once a month and look for signs of uneven wear

Tires need proper tread in order to make traction with the road in a variety of weather conditions and road patterns. If you notice that your tire's tread looks worn or bald, it's time for new tires. Try the penny test for tread at home or bring your vehicle into our shop for an inspection. 

These tire maintenance items will help your tires last years and will ultimately prevent you from dealing with tire trouble. If you believe that you are due for any of the tire services listed above, don't hesitate to bring your vehicle into the experts here at Dub's Garage for quality and professional service today! 

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