How a Clean Fuel System Can Save you Money at the Pump

This December, as you search high and low for the perfect gift for your friends and loved ones, don’t forget about your vehicle! The following are gifts that you can give to your car to keep it running efficiently and using less gas (keeping more money in your pocket!) this holiday season.

O2 Sensor – Your O2 (oxygen) sensor regulates the mixture of fuel and air going into your motor. A dirty or malfunctioning sensor will allow an inefficient ratio of fuel and air into the system which can decrease your fuel efficiency by 3 MPG. Left unfixed, it can even ruin your catalytic converter (which can cost several hundred dollars to replace)!

Fuel Injectors – The fuel injector’s job is to spray a fine mist of fuel into the engine, where it’s ignited by the spark plug. But when your fuel injector is clogged or dirty, fuel dribbles and drips, it doesn’t burn cleanly or efficiently, and your gasoline ends up wasted. Our technicians can run a pressurized solvent through your system, clean your fuel injectors, improve your fuel efficiency, and help you save money this winter!

Fuel Filter – There’s no avoiding it: gasoline gets dirty. If it doesn’t pick up sediment from the fuel truck’s tank, it certainly picks up particulate when it’s stored in the big underground tanks at the gas station. That’s why cars need fuel filters — to prevent that sediment from clogging your fuel system. But that’s also why your fuel filter needs to be changed regularly. Having our ASE Certified techs change your fuel filter annually means improved MPG and helps make sure your fuel system — including expensive items like the fuel pump — doesn’t fail prematurely.

For more information about how a clean fuel system can help save you money at the pump this holiday season, call our technicians at 361.444.1355.

Give yourself the gifts of improved MPG and peace of mind this holiday season! To schedule your next vehicle maintenance service, fuel system cleaning, or inspection, request an appointment online.


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