Follow Your Nose When It Comes to Car Troubles

You can't always blame a bad smell for roadkill or other vehicles - sometimes, a stench that you're detecting inside your car is trying to tell you that something is in danger! In fact, your nose may be more dependable than you think. The different scents your vehicle gives off can help you determine what vehicle problem you could be dealing with. Some smells can spell urgency more than others, which is why you must know what they stand for. Whenever you catch an unusual scent in your automobile, you should bring it to an automotive professional to get a proper diagnosis. Here are the 6 most common vehicle scents that spell trouble:


Maple Syrup -If your car smells like maple syrup, it could mean many things. A coolant leak from any of the following components can cause the scent: radiator, cylinder head, manifold gasket, or heater core. You should check this scent out as soon as possible to avoid the risks of overheating.


Gasoline -The smell of gasoline could signify that your vehicle has a leak most likely caused by a puncture in the fuel injector line or the fuel tank.


Burning Carpet -A burning carpet smell can be associated with faulty brakes. This scent will be the warning sign that your brake pads or rotors are overheating.


Hot Oil -If you catch a hot oil scent, you should immediately check your oil level with the dipstick. If you see a low amount of oil in the tank, you may have an oil leakage. However, you should have a certified tech to check it out.


Burning Rubber -A rubbery odor could result from an aging or loose hose grinding against its pulleys. Otherwise, a technician can trace it back to some sort of transmission or engine trouble. 


Rotten Eggs -If you detect this stench with your nose, it is likely a catalytic converter problem. The smell is a result of not being able to process hydrogen sulfide in your exhaust system. 


If you've noticed any of these weird or unusual scents in your car, please do not neglect it. Please bring it to our expert service team for a proper examination. We invite you to give us a call or visit Dub's Garage today.

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