Fluid Maintenance

Do I really have to change my fluid right now? Is my air filter really that bad? Can’t it wait just a little longer to visit my local Corpus Christi TX Auto Repair? If you’ve ever had to put off routine maintenance, then these thoughts have most likely crossed your mind.

And to be quite honest, putting these minor repairs off most likely won’t result in any major damage…at least at first. Because every single mile you put off routine maintenance, the more damage occurs to your engine. In time, these small issues will turn into big headaches due to neglect. Here are a few tips from your local Corpus Christi TX Auto Repair properly maintaining your vehicle:

Filters: These items keep your vehicle running smoothly and efficiently. Air, fuel, and transmission filter are the most common in any given vehicle and should be changed in regular intervals. These parts are fairly cheap and take no time at all to replace. Ignoring your car’s filters will lead to reduced gas mileage, as well as making your vehicle work harder. Either way, you’ll lose money by overlooking your filters.

Fluids: Your fluids are tasked with protecting the various components in your engine, transmission, steering, and brake systems. Maintaining fresh, clean fluids within these systems will prolong the life of every component within that particular system. Having these fluids replaced/flushed is also a quick, cheap way to maintain your vehicle. Wouldn’t you rather spend an hour or so having your fluids changed instead of spending an entire day (not to mention the price) having your engine replaced?

Oil changes only cost around $35 and should be done every 3,000 miles. Other fluids vary on how often they should be flushed, so it’s important to check with an ASE-Certified technician at your local Corpus Christi TX Auto Repair for exact intervals for your vehicle. Changing out these other fluids should cost between $100 and $200.

If you know one of your fluids needs to be flushed or have any questions regarding your vehicle’s maintenance, stop by your reliable Corpus Christi TX Auto Repair and talk to and ASE-Certified technician about what can be done.


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