FAQs on Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)

The one part of a vehicle that most people are not as familiar with is the Anti-Lock Braking System. To help you better understand your vehicle, we'll be going over the common questions asked regarding the ABS.

Question #1 - What Does ABS Stand For and What Does It Do?

ABS is an acronym for Anti-lock Braking System. Your cars have these anti-lock brakes to block skidding and to help motorists maintain steering control. The ABS uses electronic sensors and controls to control braking force during hard braking. In other words, it gets activated when the driver steps on the brakes firmly.

Question #2 - Does It Make My Stops Faster?

ABS is intended to help drivers maintain control of the vehicle during an emergency. While it may make the car stop more quickly, it's not intended for everyday use. If you're braking on wet or slippery roads, the ABS will likely decrease your stopping distance.

Question #3 - What Does It Mean When the ABS Light Is On?

There are a few potential reasons as to why your ABS light may be on, including:

  • Damaged Wheel Sensor
  • Missing Sensor Signals
  • Faulty Tone Rings
  • Malfunctioning Pump Motor
  • Loss in Power Assist
  • Uncontrollable ABS Pump

If the ABS light turns on and stays on your dash for more than a day or two, it may be a more pressing issue. If this is the case for you, please get in touch with Dub's Garage as soon as possible.

Question #4 - What Is the Difference Between Rear-Wheel ABS vs. Four-Wheel ABS?

While all ABS serves a similar purpose in controlling brake pressure, some prevent only the rear wheels from locking up (Rear-Wheel ABS). Whereas the 4-wheel ABS prevents locking on all the wheels.  


Your brakes are a vital part of your vehicle, including the ABS. If your ABS warning light is on, or you feel like your brakes are malfunctioning in any way, then hold off to get them inspected. This is a type of repair that no one should ever put off. Come see us at Dub's Garage in Corpus Christi, TX, for trusted and reliable auto care!

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