Don’t Stall on Maintenance, or Your Car May Stall on You!

How many times do you see a stalled out car on the side of the road? You can usually spot one on a weekly basis. Depending on how much you drive, you could very well see a different car stalled out every day! Some might say that modern vehicles are the cause, but this is a problem that has been around since the introduction of the automobile, and with the increased number of drivers it stands to reason that there are more break downs.

Some might say that a break down is just bad luck, but it’s more likely that vehicle neglect is the root of the problem. Rich White, a spokesperson for the National Car Care Council says, “Don’t blame your car. It can’t drive itself to the shop and ask for an oil change or new spark plugs.” With how important transportation is to us nowadays, it is surprising to see how often minor maintenance is overlooked.

By simply having periodic check-ups on your car you do much more than just make sure you don’t break down. There is a domino effect anytime a car stalls out on a roadway. The driver now has to wait for a tow truck, pay for the tow, pay for the repairs, deal with the stress of the whole situation, plus have his or her whole schedule turned upside down. In addition to that, all of the other drivers on that roadway are slowed down either by lane closers or “rubberneckers” trying to see what’s going on.

Keep your car in optimal condition and you will not only have less stress, but you will have a better guarantee of your safety, and the safety of those around you. So, schedule your next maintenance check with our reliable auto repair shop in Corpus Christi.

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