Cooling System Maintenance

When it comes to your engine’s longevity, nothing is more crucial and your vehicle’s cooling system. When a car overheats, the damage that results is often severe enough to require a completely new engine. For the sake of your vehicle and your wallet, it’s important to take a few preventative measures to significantly increase the life of your engine.
The cooling system is made up of a number of components, most of which are rubber hoses and seals that are susceptible to wear and corrosion. If any of these components breaks, it could lead to engine failure and a visit to your Corpus Christi Mechanic.

Several signs point to a corroded or damaged coolant hose. If any hoses are inflexible or brittle, they should be changed immediately. A hose with bulges or kinks are also cause for alarm, and if they’re leaking, it will be accompanied by steam and a sweet smell.

Many modern vehicles use special coolant hoses designed to navigate around the engine’s different components. This makes some parts of the coolant hoses not easily accessible, or even visible. A general rule is that your coolant hoses should be changed every four years, though it’s recommended that you speak to your ASE-Certified Corpus Christi Mechanic for an exact recommendation for your vehicle.

It’s important to have your coolant hoses replaced. By doing so you’ll prevent overheating and wear on major engine components. Though a modern engine’s components are built with a high tolerance to heat, they still can burn—and if they do, then it might take a big check to get your vehicle back on the road.

If your hoses are showing any signs of wear, it’s time to visit an ASE-Certified Corpus Christi Mechanic for an expert opinion. Other cooling related maintenance may be required if your hoses are shot, such as a cooling system flush or a new thermostat. A good Corpus Christi Mechanic will offer other preventative maintenance suggestions that will keep your vehicle running for years to come.

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