Common problems with air conditioning

Summer heat is coming to Corpus Christi. As temperatures rise, your vehicle may become uncomfortably hot as you drive around town. You rely on your air conditioning to stay cool and beat the heat… but what happens if your turn it on and it only blows muggy, warm air?

There are a number of reasons your air conditioning might stop working. Three common reasons include:

  • Fan.
    If your vehicle isn’t blowing cool air through the car, check to make sure there is air flowing. If nothing (or very little) comes through the vent, there may be a problem with the circulation of the air.
  • Air filter.
    A strange, mildew smell coming from the air conditioning can be a warning sign. Check the cabin air filter to make sure it is not dirty or clogged. An old air filter can prevent the cold air from traveling through the system.
  • Leaks.
    The most common issue with car air conditioning is a leak in the system. Low pressure indicates a leak and means the air conditioning system won’t work as efficiently as it should. The a/c may stop working entirely.
    Topping off the fluid will not solve the problem, as the fluid will continue to leak from the system. Instead, bring your vehicle in for a leak detection – our technicians will find and fix the leak so your air conditioning will work properly without any additional problems.

When your air conditioning can’t keep up with the summer heat in Corpus Christi, it’s time to have your car air conditioning inspected. Our technicians will look at every component in the air conditioning system to identify and diagnose the problem. Stay cool in the car with a properly working car a/c.

To learn more about common problems with the air conditioning, call us at 361.444.1355 or request an appointment online.


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