Checklist: Spring Cleaning for your Car

Tis the season for… spring cleaning! While you’re dusting, sweeping, and vacuuming your home, don’t forget about your car!

Just like your home needs cared for to avoid cobwebs, cracking walls, and leaking roofs, your car also needs spring cleaning to stay in peak condition.

  • Carpeting and Upholstery. Shake out floor mats, vacuum seats, and use carpet cleaner to remove any pesky stains from the fabrics in your car.
  • Organize compartments. Take time to clear out the glove box, seat pockets, and other compartments in the car. Be thoughtful about what you put back and keep it organized.
  • Empty the trunk. Remove any extra belongings (especially heavy ones) that you don’t need to carry every day. A lighter load means you’ll save money at the pump!
  • Interior surfaces. Use a slightly damp rag to wipe down the dashboard, console, door handles, and other plastic components inside your car. Remove dust for easy breathing!
  • Car wash. Whether you stop by an automatic car wash or use the hose at home, washing your car removes dirt and contaminants collected over the winter that can damage your vehicle.
  • Wheels. Don’t forget to wipe down the wheels! This is also a great opportunity to check the tread on your tires and know if it’s time to have them replaced.
  • Windshield fluid. Fill your windshield washer fluid at the beginning of this season to replace the extra you’ve used through winter storms, and prepare for spring showers!
  • Check air filters. Your vehicle’s air filters need replaced periodically. They’ve likely collected dust and contaminants over the winter, so make sure you can breathe easy without spring allergens.
  • Under the hood. Glance under the hood for warning signs like leaking fluid, corrosion on the battery, or dirty parts that need maintenance. If something looks off, call our experts: 361.444.1355.

To make sure the engine is as clean as the rest of your vehicle after spring cleaning, stop by Dub’s Garage for a Spring Inspection. Catch up on needed maintenance, check for warning signs early, and have the confidence that your vehicle is in great shape for all your spring road trips! Our ASE-Certified technicians are ready to help with all your auto maintenance needs. Request an appointment online.


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