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Winter Maintenance

For the best results for your vehicle, we recommend going to an “auto repair shop in Corpus Christi to have maintenance performed on your vehicle every 3 months, there’s lots of easy, minor maintenance items you can you can take care of yourself in between visits.We’ve broken this short checklist that allows you to inspect something minor on your car every morning before leave for work, home, school, or anywhere else. So while you’re enjoying your morning coffee or perhaps right before you take off for work, look at these items:Monday Morning: Tire PressureWhen your tires have correct tire pressure, you’ll have better fuel economy AND your tires will be able to hold to the road that much better. Consult your owner’s manual for what your pressure should be and purchase a tire pressure gauge (they’ll cost you around $3-$4). Before leaving, check all 4 tires to ensure they have proper air. If any of them are low, stop by a gas station air pump to fill up your tires.Tuesday Morning: Wiper ... read more

Preventing Oil Loss

Many vehicles will experience oil loss at some point. Usually it is through small drips and minor leaks that can be prevented, but in some cases oil leaks require immediate attention from an ASE Certified Technician. The most common leak is the result of an improperly sealed drain bolt. When you have your oil changed, your oil pan is first drained. The drain is resealed, usually with a new washer around the drain bolt. Cheap oil change services may not include a new washer, which may result in new leaks after the change. If a leak appears after the change and continues after a day or two of normal driving, a new washer may be needed. Small oil leaks are also common in older cars. Often the seals wear or are misshapen due to the mechanical movements and drastic changes in temperature that are common with a combustion engine. While replacing the seals may not be economical, it is very important to check oil levels frequently. If the oil stains pavement, kitty litter or crushed drywall wi ... read more

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