Can Hitting Potholes Damage Your Vehicle?

Hitting a pothole in the road causes that instance cringe - it doesn't sound good and you worry that you might have damaged your vehicle. What is a pothole, anyway? A pothole is a hole in the road that is caused by water getting under the pavement and causing the soil to soften. This can causes pieces of the pavement to break apart easily. These potholes can vary in size and depth, with the larger potholes causing the most damage. 

The question is - can hitting potholes damage your vehicle? Unfortunately, the answer is yes. Driving at higher speeds and hitting a pothole can cause the most damage, especially to the suspension system. Let's look at some of the most common issues that hitting a pothole can cause for your vehicle:

  • Tires - The tires receive a great amount of impact, especially because they actually travel in and out of the pothole. They typically take the biggest blow, and damage can include tire bulges, tears, tread separations, and more. A quick look at your tires can identify glaring damage, but even if you don't see anything obvious, keep watch of your vehicle's tire pressure for a few days after the impact. 
  • Body - A deep pothole can damage your car's body, especially the front or back bumpers and area around the tires. 
  • Exhaust - The exhaust pipe, muffler, and catalytic converter are all exposed parts at the rear of your vehicle that can be hit when you drive over a pothole. They can be scraped or damaged directly, which can causes issues with the emissions system overall. 
  • Suspension - The suspension system can be affected in a number of ways, including forcing the wheels out of alignment, damaging shocks or struts, breaking bail joints, and more. 
  • Wheels - Wheels can be dented due to force or pushed out of alignment. 

If you hit a small pothole, you might be in the clear. However, a larger pothole driven over at high speed should warrant an inspection of your vehicle. If you notice anything out of the ordinary or begin to experience a strange symptom while driving, don't hesitate to bring your car into Dub's Garage for an inspection. We will take a look and determine if the pothole caused you any issues. Typically, we can get the issue fixed quickly before it affects surroundings systems. 

If you need pothole damage repair, give us a call or stop by Dub's Garage today! 

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