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Driving on a Bald Tire isn’t Economical… it’s Dangerous!

Tires can be a significant investment for your family vehicle, and it makes sense to get the most out of your investment. But when your vehicle’s tires are legally bald, continuing to drive on them isn’t getting the most of your money… it’s putting your family in danger!Bald tires pose a number of problems for your vehicle. Too little grip and you can lose control of the car. Add in icy, snowy, or wet conditions, and you may have an extremely hard time steering, braking, or controlling your vehicle.Even in dry conditions, bald tires are dangerous. When your tread is too low, you are at extreme risk for a flat tire or blowout on the road. Not only is a flat tire an inconvenience, blow outs can endanger your life, the lives of everyone in the car, and other people on the road.The most common cause of a blow out is a worn out tire. You see the wear on the exterior of the tire, but just as dangerous is the wear on the inside. If you drive on an old, bald, or under-inflated tire, you put pr ... read more


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