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What Causes Steering Wheel Vibration

On good road surfaces around Corpus Christi, cars are meant to drive smooth and steady. However, most people have experienced steering wheel vibrations at one time or another. Car parts can break or fail after continued use, and it’s not uncommon for car components to need to be replaced.Top Causes For Steering Wheel VibrationBecause your steering wheel is your connection to both your car and the road, your first indication that something is not right with your vehicle may be noticed first through the steering wheel. The top reasons for a steering wheel shaking while driving are:Tires – Because the steering wheel is used to direct the wheels, tires that are out of balance are likely to manifest signs here first. With this problem, you are more likely to feel the shakes at higher speeds than lower ones. Furthermore, make sure all four tires are properly inflated, especially with larger tires, as a deflated tire can cause a steering wheel to shake. Also, rotate your tires if you start to ... read more


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