Monthly Archives: July 2016

Fluctuating Heat and Your Tires

Even in the summer in Corpus Christi, temperatures can fluctuate drastically, taking your tire pressure along with it. Every 10 degrees up or down in the air could mean 1 to 5 pounds of pressure difference in your tires. This might not seem excessive, but considering car tires need, on average, 35 pounds of pressure in them, those few pounds could make a big difference in the way you drive.Here are a few things to look out for in your tires when the heat fluctuates this summer:Under-inflated tires will have full tread in the middle of them, but will be bald on the outer edges. This is because the lack of air pressure causes the tire to sink in the middle, keeping this area from having much contact with the road.Under-inflated tires create for a hazardous driving experience for any driver. Should you hit a puddle of water, the lack of traction in the tire will increase your risk of hydroplaning. And should the steel cords pop through the sides because of under-inflation, it will make yo ... read more


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