Monthly Archives: February 2016

The Most Important Fluid: Engine Oil

The motor oil in your vehicle has one of the hardest jobs – it’s on the clock all the time and needs to perform its job perfectly to keep your vehicle running.First, this means keeping every moving part in your vehicle’s engine well-oiled and lubricated. Without the added lubrication provided by engine oil, the many parts in your engine would be constantly rubbing against each other. This would create so much friction and heat that parts would start braking down almost immediately as you drive your vehicle.But that’s not the only job for engine oil… it also helps to keep your engine cool. Running a vehicle is heated business, and your engine rapidly heats every time you drive. Engine oil is heated up and cooled down as your vehicle runs and it helps to regulate the temperature in the engine.Engine oil is also the cleaning crew for your engine. As it flows through the system, it cleans our small particles of soot and debris. These elements are so small, often microscopic, that you may n ... read more


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