Monthly Archives: April 2016

Four Ways to Use Less Gas

Whether you want to save the planet or save money in your wallet, an easy way to go green this spring is by using less gasoline!But where do you start? Here are four things you can do at home to use less gas in your vehicle.Gas Cap. When was the last time you replaced your gas cap? It’s not something most drivers pay attention to except when you pull up to the gas station to fill your tank. But the gas cap is one of the biggest culprits for wasting fuel. If the gas cap is old, worn, and cannot hold a seal, your gasoline will evaporate into the air!Air Filter. A dirty air filter can result in using more gasoline. The air filter collects dirt, debris, and gunk and prevents it from going into the engine. But when the air filter is dirty, it’s like breathing with a rag over your mouth. A clean air filter can improve your fuel efficiency by 2 miles to every gallon!Tires. Before you hit the road, check your tire pressure. Proper inflation ca ... read more


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