3 Signs That Indicate It Is Time to Replace Your Wiper Blades

WIndshield wiper blades are some of the most useful tools on our vehicles. They help clear rain, snow, dust, and other obstructions that may block your view through the windshield. The seasonal changes should make you question whether it is time to replace your windshield wipers. Many motorists tend to forget or don’t care for them until they become a problem. However, windshield wipers are a major part of regular vehicle maintenance too. 

If you want to protect yourself and your loved ones on the road, you should try to replace them every six to twelve months. Waiting over 15 months is too big of a risk. This goes for vehicles with a rear windshield wiper too. Most of the time, you can just go by how your wipers look and operate and determine whether you need new ones. When the wiper blades are doing what they are supposed to, sweeping moisture off your windscreen, they are good. Here are the three most common symptoms that mean it is time to replace them:

#1 - Squeaking Sound
Do you notice high-pitched squeals coming from the wipers when they are in use? Not only is it highly annoying, but it can be a major distraction. The sound can mean that your windshield isn’t wet enough. Other times, it means that your wipers are no longer good. 

#2 - Smearing and Streaking
Does turning on your wipers make your view of the road worse? And does it simply smear the water around? If you notice streaks on your windshield, it is time to freshen up your car with new wiper blades. 

#3 - Improper Contact 
If your windshield wiper blades can’t reach all areas of the windshield, it means that it is damaged or broken in some way. You might notice them clanking when you turn it on. If you find the rubber has worn off or frames bent, it is clear that you need new ones.

Don’t put yourself and others at risk of an accident and replace your wiper blades on time. If you need help installing new wiper blades, please visit Dub’s Garage. Feel free to call or fill out our online form to schedule your next auto appointment today.

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