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Fluctuating Heat and Your Tires

Even in the summer in Corpus Christi, temperatures can fluctuate drastically, taking your tire pressure along with it. Every 10 degrees up or down in the air could mean 1 to 5 pounds of pressure difference in your tires. This might not seem excessive, but considering car tires need, on average, 35 pounds of pressure [Read more…]

Common problems with air conditioning

Summer heat is coming to Corpus Christi. As temperatures rise, your vehicle may become uncomfortably hot as you drive around town. You rely on your air conditioning to stay cool and beat the heat… but what happens if your turn it on and it only blows muggy, warm air? There are a number of reasons [Read more…]

4 Apps to Plan your Road Trip

The warm weather and sunny days of summer are coming to Corpus Christi, and with it comes a burning desire for a vacation! As your family starts dreaming of summer road trips to come, take advantage of these unique apps to help with your road trip planning: Roadtrippers. Not sure where to start? This app lets [Read more…]

Four Ways to Use Less Gas

Whether you want to save the planet or save money in your wallet, an easy way to go green this spring is by using less gasoline! But where do you start? Here are four things you can do at home to use less gas in your vehicle. Gas Cap. When was the last time you [Read more…]

Checklist: Spring Cleaning for your Car

Tis the season for… spring cleaning! While you’re dusting, sweeping, and vacuuming your home, don’t forget about your car! Just like your home needs cared for to avoid cobwebs, cracking walls, and leaking roofs, your car also needs spring cleaning to stay in peak condition. Carpeting and Upholstery. Shake out floor mats, vacuum seats, and [Read more…]

The Most Important Fluid: Engine Oil

The motor oil in your vehicle has one of the hardest jobs – it’s on the clock all the time and needs to perform its job perfectly to keep your vehicle running. First, this means keeping every moving part in your vehicle’s engine well-oiled and lubricated. Without the added lubrication provided by engine oil, the [Read more…]

Higher Octane, Higher Performance? Myth!

If you always use premium fuel, will your vehicle have better performance? We’ve heard this question a lot. On some level, the logic makes sense. Instinct tells us that “premium” relates to quality and better quality means better performance. But the rating of gasoline does not relate to the quality of the fuel. The numbers [Read more…]

Not Every Used Car is the Same

When buying a used car it is important to remember that not every car is equal. Aside from the obvious, even the same make and model of a car can have drastic differences in technology, reliability and safety ratings between different years of production. Even some typically reliable makes and models have certain years that auto [Read more…]

Why Tread Matters

You’ve probably heard of the “penny test” to check tire tread – stick a penny into the tread of the tire to measure the amount of tread remaining – but why does tread matter? Grip the Road. First and foremost, the tread on the tire is what allows your vehicle to hold on to the [Read more…]

Safe Driving for Halloween

Halloween is around the corner! While this means children and youth running around in costume and families enjoying fall weather, it also means more driving hazards on the roads in Corpus Christi. This season, make sure you keep you, your family, and your neighbors safe on the roads on Halloween. Here are our Halloween driving tips: [Read more…]